Teeth Whitening


For The Manchester, Canandaigua, Victor, Geneva, Naples, and Farmington, NY Areas!

Why consider teeth whitening services? The answer is simple! Teeth whitening can drastically improve the appearance of your teeth giving your smile a boost. There are bad habits that can contribute to yellowing teeth and there are day to day contributing factors that we don't think about. Other factors may be out of our control. Your teeth may be becoming more and more yellow from genetics, foods, drinks, smoking, antibiotics, fluorosis, accidents, and teeth grinding. 

If your teeth are yellow, don't be alarmed. Most people are not naturally equipped with pearly white teeth anyway. The very design of our teeth makes for them to usually appear a yellowish or off-white color. This is because of the layer of the tooth called the Dentin. This is the hard and bony tissue forming the bulk of a tooth beneath the enamel. girl with perfect smile

Our teeth whitening agents penetrate the enamel, allowing oxygen molecules to break apart the carbon bonds of the discolored molecules. This allows the oxygen molecules to spread and whiten your entire tooth. Thus, giving a whiter and brighter smile!

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